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Harassment and bullying in the workplace can have devastating consequences. You’ve worked hard to forge your career and you are entitled to respect as an equal. You don’t have to put up with sexual discrimination. Many clients we speak to feel embarrassed to come forward or are unaware whether they have a claim or not.

Have you been Sexually Harassed at Work?

At Lloyd Donnelly, we deal with hundreds of sexual discrimination cases per year. One recent study showed that over half of all women have been subject to sexual harassment at work. We know it’s an upsetting, confusing, distressing time for you. We understand the sensitive nature of the case and the need for a sympathetic, non-judgmental ear.

Discrimination law is there to protect people like you and we’re here to put it into action for you.

Harassment can take many forms and is often subtle or indirect. If you have put up with conduct of a sexual nature including sexual banter, dirty jokes, unwanted propositions then you may be able to make a claim for sexual harassment.

Harassment can take the form of:

  • Spoken words
  • Written words
  • Threats/abuse
  • Offensive emails, tweets or social posts
  • Display
  • Physical behaviour
  • Jokes, pranks or other unwelcome conduct

It doesn’t have to come from your boss or superior. It can come from a colleague, co-worker or client. Regardless of the size of your employer or the industry you are in, your employer has a duty to ensure you do not experience sexual harassment in the workplace. He is under a duty to train staff on what constitutes unacceptable behaviour. They are also under a duty to monitor behaviour and take action against perpetrators.

The conduct in question doesn’t have to be objectively offensive. If you feel it violates your dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment then that is enough to substantiate a claim for sexual harassment.

What you should do if you are being sexually harassed

Call us immediately. There are strict time limits you need to follow.

We may recommend at first that you gather evidence of the harassment. Here is what you can do:

  • Keep a detailed diary of what is happening, e.g. “today John asked me if I had sex last night. He was talking about what he would like to do to the receptionist. He brushed past me at the photocopier when there was loads of room to get past.”
  • If someone is constantly harassing you, try to record them talking if you know you will be around them. Most smart phones have a recording function that can do this. We have caught many people out like this.
  • If another colleague was around when the perpetrator made a comment, ask them if they would back you up and be a witness to the comment.
  • Speak to other colleagues to see if they have been harassed by this person as well or were offended by their comments. We often find perpetrators are repeat offenders and have done it before to others.

If you are unable to gather any evidence, do not worry. Most of our claims involve cases where it is just the victim’s word against the perpetrator. If you are telling the truth, the Tribunal will probably believe you.

What Lloyd Donnelly’s Sexual Harassment Solicitors can do

We are experts at sexual harassment complaints and have acted for many people like you who have suffered this indignity at work. We will be compassionate in the way we deal with you and will understand what you have been going through. Call us now.

We will first make a complaint on your behalf to your employer. If they do not deal with it to your satisfaction, we shall then make a claim in the Employment Tribunal.

Making a claim for sexual harassment in the Employment Tribunal

There are strict time limits on when you can make a discrimination claim. Before you can make a claim to the employment tribunal, you must first notify an organisation called ACAS of your complaint. We can do this on your behalf.

ACAS need to be notified within 3 months (less a day) from the act of discrimination or from the last act if the discrimination is ongoing. For example, if your boss made a sexual comment on 2 March, you need to notify ACAS by 1 June, i.e. 3 months less one day.

You then have at least a further month to make a complaint to the employment tribunal. The rules can be complicated and it is recommended that you take legal advice as soon as possible so we can ensure you do not lose the right to bring your claim.

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