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Will I have to go to court?
The vast majority of claims are settled out of court. Our first step will usually be to try to obtain an out-of-court settlement on your behalf. This is essentially a private agreement between you and your opponent where your opponent promises to pay you compensation in exchange for your not taking the matter to court. If your opponent denies fault for your accident or does not offer you enough compensation, we may have to do make an application to the court. However, almost all of our cases settle without the need to go to court.
Who will pay my compensation?
In almost all cases, your opponent’s insurance company pays your compensation. Therefore, it is unlikely you will be placed in a situation where your opponent is unable to pay the compensation due to you. In any event, we can perform a search on your opponent to make sure there is no bankruptcy or winding up involved.
How long will it take to get my compensation?

Hopefully your claim will be resolved within a matter of months. Sometimes it can take longer if your opponent denies fault for your accident, or they do not offer you enough compensation. In these circumstances, we may have to take your case to court. We will give you appropriate advice on timelines as and when they become clear to us so.

How much will I get?

This will depend on your injury. Click here for examples of past awards. You may also wish to refer to the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines, which provide a general assessment of the quantum of damages payable in various types of personal injury claims. Compensation in employment law cases is more difficult to estimate as it is dependent on factors such as your wages and the particularities of your situation. In all types of cases, it is important to note that the ultimate quantum of damages is a decision for the court to make. As your lawyers, we can help by assessing your specific case and providing you with estimates.

How does the No Win No Fee agreement work?

If you win your case, there is a good chance the court will make an order for costs requiring your opponent to pay your costs. In such a situation, your opponent pays your legal costs and you pay nothing. If you lose your case, we agree to charge you nothing more. We understand that high legal fees are extremely prohibitive and often deter would-be claimants who have a strong case. Therefore, we are making an offer to absorb your risk of being saddled with payment of legal fees in the event of an unsuccessful claim.

How much will this cost me?

If one of our experts decides that you have a valid claim, we will offer you a No Win No Fee agreement, meaning you won’t pay a penny if your claim is unsuccessful. If you succeed in obtaining a settlement or making a claim, there is a high chance your opponent will be obliged to pay your legal costs. This is a win-win situation for you as far as legal costs are concerned because you will not find yourself in a situation where you are forced to pay legal costs for an unsuccessful claim.

Will I have to come to the office?

No. We will come to visit you at a time convenient to you. You can then sit back and let us take care of the rest. Alternatively, send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. leaving your contact details and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Will I have to fill out lots of forms?
We do all of the hard work for you, making every step of your claim as easy as possible. We understand that trying to make a claim can be confusing, intimidating and frustrating, so we take pains to make things as simple and as straightforward as possible for our clients. You will not find yourself in a situation where you are forced to deal with confusing paperwork on your own.
Who will assess my claim?
Your claim will be assessed by a fully qualified solicitor specialising in personal injury claims and/or employment law claims. Our lawyers have had years of experience handling such claims and will be able to assess your chances of success and the amounts of compensation likely to be open to you.
Will I have to pay for a consultation?

Your initial chat with a solicitor is absolutely free -it will cost you nothing to find out if you have a claim. Our lawyers are approachable and easy to work with, so there is no reason to feel intimidated about making an appointment for your free first consultation?

How can Lloyd Donnelly Solicitors help?
Whether you have suffered a workplace-related accident, an automobile accident or an injury from defective goods, the personal injury department at Lloyd Donnelly Solicitors has deep and wide-ranging experience and a detailed knowledge of the gamut of personal injury scenarios. You will be advised on the viability of your intended claim, your chances of success and the quantum and types of compensation likely to be open to you if your claim is successful. You may also be interested in what to know before making a Personal Injury claim.
Making a Personal Injury claim
At Lloyd Donnelly, we fully understand that if you have been injured at work and considering making a Personal Injury claim against your employer isnt an easy decision and there are lots of other factors to consider before you can decide. Which is why you'll find us at hand at all times not just during the claim process but also before to offer you unpartial and personalised advice and helping make the claim process as easy as possible for you.

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