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Head & Brain Injury

If you have suffered a head injury as a result of an accident or medical negligence, contact Lloyd Donnelly today on 02082077358. You’ll get to speak to one of our Directors and get direct, sympathetic advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Head Injury Compensation

Head & brain injuries are often the most devastating injuries of all. Not only are there medical ramifications but there are often physical, emotional, mental and emotional consequences as well.

At Lloyd Donnelly, we specialise in looking after people like you who have had such devastating injuries. Call us on 02082077358

We have experience of handling head, brain and spinal injuries of all types including: injuries involving complete or partial paralysis (for example tetraplegia or paraplegia), direct brain damage affecting your ability to function properly in an everyday way (such as injuries affecting your speech or understanding).

Head and Brain injuries can affect your cognitive functioning and leave you with significant difficulty with your memory. They can also bring about changes in behaviour, including complete personality change. It can leave previously placid persons behaving aggressively or violently towards their loved ones and family.

If you have suffered a head injury, we will arrange to have your injuries assessed by appropriate medical consultants including brain surgeons (neurologists and neurosurgeons) and neuropsychologists. We will identify exactly how you have been damaged and affected and we will establish what needs to be done medically to assist you and your family in your recovery and care.

We will have you seen by a medical professional in your own home, or at hospital, to establish your care needs. We will ensure that that care is provided to you and will source this for you, over and above NHS treatment, privately.

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If you have suffered a head injury and would like to discuss compensation, call us on 02082077358

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